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Breakout board IO3-R2 (Revision R2) has digital buffer for STEP/DIR/ENA command signals and as such it is particularly suitable for the connection up to 4 microstep drives MST-107 and/or DC servo drives DCS-3010 directly to PC. This breakout board can also be used with all drives that have opto-isolated STEP/DIR/ENA inputs.

On board charge pump prevents undesirable state changes in case of loss of communication with computer. Breakout board IO3-R2 has two relay outputs that can be used to activate the two output devices (electric motor for the main spindle and/or vacuum pump for chips removing, etc.). Indication of the relay condition is performed by the two LEDs which are located on the board.

One of the relay outputs can optionally be converted to analog output with a voltage range of 0-5 V or 0-10 V. This output could be used to control of spindle motor revolution speed. Up to 5 limit switches can be connect to the breakout board. Digital inputs for limit switches are opto-insulated and also have input filter for noise suppression, which is important improvement compared to previous version of breakout board IO3.

PC connection is performed via the parallel (printer, LPT) port. Breakout board IO3-R2 has centronics (IEEE1284) connector, so that connection to the PC uses a standard printer cable. Breakout board IO3-R2 is specially developed to be used with software for generating STEP/DIR command signals via parallel port such as: Mach2, Mach3, LinuxCNC (free), TurboCNC (free), KCam, etc.



Description - functionPin number on the PC side (connector DB25)Line type on the side of PCAnnotation
X axis STEP 2 Output -
X axis DIR 3 Output -
Y axis STEP 4 Output -
Y axis DIR 5 Output -
Z axis STEP 6 Output -
Z axis DIR 7 Output -
A axis STEP 8 Output -
A axis DIR 9 Output -
ENA (enable) 17 Output -
Safety signal (charge pump) 14 Output Can be optionally switched on and off
Spindle - Rele 1 1 Output Optionally analog output of 0–5 V or of 0–10 V
Coolant - Rele 2 16 Output -
Limit switch 1 (SW1) 10 Input -
Limit switch 2 (SW2) 11 Input -
Limit switch 3 (SW3) 12 Input -
Limit switch 4 (SW4) 13 Input -
E-Stop - Limit switch 5 (SW5) 15 Input -


CharacteristicsDescription - Value
Number of axis 4 (X, Y, Z and A-axis)
Axes control By STEP/DIR command lines separately for each axis, common ENA (enable) line for all axis
Output current of STEP/DIR command lines 15mA max
Number of limit switches 5
Number of relay outputs 2
Analog output Optionally 0–5 V DC or 0–10 V DC via jumper
The capacity of one relay output 250VAC/8A max
Supply voltage 15-24VDC/500mA
Dimensions (W x L x H) 173mm x 63mm x 20mm
Weight ~120g

NOTE: specifications are subject to change without notice