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PRICE: 70 €


USB-MC is motion controller designed for use with popular Mach3 CNC control software in Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10 operating systems with 32-bit (x86) and 64-bit (x64) architectures. As external controller, it brings various improvements in comparison to using Mach3 software over parallel port. USB-MC does not require installation of Mach3 LPT driver.

Motion controller USB-MC takes over all real-time tasks that require precision timing. Thus, computer CPU is less loaded, so that Mach3 now can work on less powerful desktop, laptop, and even tablet computers. Considering that controlling task does not need high performance computer, the price for complete control system can now by considerably reduced.

At the same time, much higher output frequency for step signal (up to 250 kHz) is achieved and much better quality of output than it is possible with parallel port regardless of performances of used computer.

The parallel port is becoming less and less common and is almost obsolete. Newer computers often do not offer this port. USB-MC is using USB for communication and USB port is present on all modern systems.

A large number of functions have been added and existing are improved. PWM output can have much higher frequency and higher resolution, PWM power compensation in relation with feedrate is added, implemented hardware MPG mode, more detailed debouncing adjustments for all input signals, and much more.

USB-MC motion controller has 16 digital outputs and 14 digital inputs in comparison to 12 digital outputs and 5 digital inputs that are available from parallel port. In addition, USB-MC has analog input which is not possible to realize via parallel port.

In order to achieve compatibility with existing systems which use input/output cards (breakout boards), USB-MC has 25-pin LPT connector built-in. That means that USB-MC can be used easily with existing systems which use parallel port.

Additional inputs and outputs are available via appropriate connectors, and via add-on input/output boards that can be easily connected to USB-MC motion controller.

Mach3 plugin contains integrated latest compatible version of firmware so in case that firmware has to be updated, this process is automatic and easy for user.

For connection of USB-MC motion controller with PC, it is important to use high quality cable, as short as possible, preferably not longer that 1.5m.

NOTE: USB-MC controller is powered from USB port so in its primary function external power supply is not necessary. However, external power supply is required if input/output add-on card UIO-1 is used because this card requires higher voltage than 5V that is available from USB port.

Supported Mach3 functions

    - all jogging modes
    - spindle PWM out, adjustable frequency 10 Hz – 200 kHz
    - spindle index input, adjustable divider
    - spindle step/dir axis
    - spindle relays (M3, M4 and M5)
    - coolant relays (M7, M8 and M9)
    - ESTOP input
   - MPG (encoder) inputs, all Mach3 MPG modes + hardware mode
    - freely assignable functions to any of inputs and outputs
    - adjustable active signal state (low/high) for all inputs and outputs
    - homing/referencing (single axis and multiaxis)
    - hardware limit switches
    - softlimits
    - limits override, auto/manual/external
    - charge pump outputs, adjustable frequency (12.5 kHz and 5 kHz)
    - slave axes
    - probing function (G31)
    - laser M10p1/M11p1, e5p1/e5p0 fast outputs (#1-6)
   - laser PWM, power compensation (PWM duty cycle can change in relation to velocity of movement), adjustable arbitrary relation curve
    - laser PWM, gate by M10/M11
    - shuttle mode, adjustable acceleration time
    - detailed adjustment for debouncing of all input signals
    - offline mode
    - threading on lathe using Mach3turn, G32, G76

Not supported

    - Backlash compensation
    - THC function


Function Description
Number of axes 6
Number of digital outputs 16
Number of digital inputs 14
Maximum STEP signal frequency 250 kHz
STEP pulse width 2 μs
PWM output frequency 10 Hz – 200 kHz
PWM duty cycle resolution 16-9 bits, depending on frequency; 16 bit for f ≤ 2kHz
Frequency of signal on Index input ≤ 10 kHz
Pulse width on Index input ≥ 100 ns
MPG/encoder input (x4) frequency ≤ 10k steps/sec
Digital input/output type TTL, 5 V, Pull-up resistors 4.7 kΩ on all inputs
Maximum current on digital outputs 32 mA
Number of analog inputs 1
Analog input range 0 – 3.3 V (0 – 5 V via IO card)
Charge pump outputs 2
Charge pump frequency 12.5 kHz or 5 kHz
Communication with PC USB - data buffer about 1 s for stable communication
Power supply from USB port
External power supply (optional) 8 – 24 VDC / 250 mA (UIO-1 card requires 15 – 20 VDC)
Dimensions 92 mm x 84 mm x 27 mm
Weight ~ 60 g

NOTE: Shown specifications are subject to change without prior notice


User's manual and Mach3 plugin installation guide:

USB Driver

In most cases, if Windows 7 or newer operating system is used, Windows will automatically find and install required driver so that manual installation should not be needed. Otherwise, if Windows does not find driver, it will ask for location on local computer to read it from. In that case download and unpack one of available drivers.
icon zip 32WinXp_Vista_7.zip
icon zip 32WinXp old ver.zip

USB driver installation on computers with Win XP operating system

Mach3 Plugin

May 2015: icon zip 32usbmc_drv_v1.02.zip

NOTE: Mach3 plugin contains integrated latest compatible version of firmware for USB-MC motion controller