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Breakout board USB-UIO1 is designed for use with USB-MC motion controller to enable connection of CNC controlling system which has up to 4 microstep drives MST-107 and/or DC servo drives DCS-3010 and/or DC servo drives with analog output DCS-100-A. The board can be used also for drives from other manufacturers that have opto-isolated STEP/DIR/ENA inputs and that require up to 15 mA current for control signals.

USB-UIO1 has two relay outputs that can be used for switching two loads (electro motors for spindle, vacuum scrap collector or similar). Status of relays is indicated by two LED indicators positioned on the board.

USB-UIO1 board can accept connection of 12 digital inputs, from which 8 is opto-isolated intended for voltage levels 15 – 24 VDC and 4 are TTL digital inputs.

The board has analog output with output voltage range of 0 – 5 V or 0 – 10 V which enables software control of spindle rotation speed, also analog input which accepts voltage in range 0 – 5 V.

For relays operation, also for operation of opto-isolated inputs, it is necessary to provide external power supply using appropriate connector on USB-MC motion controller board.