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DCM50207D 1000 DCM50207D 1000 img02DCM50207D 1000 img03

PRICE: 95 €
DC Sevo Motor 120W : DCM50207D-1000

DCM50207D-1000 is a permanent magnet DC brushed motor with attached incremental encoder which provides position feedback to the controller.

The incremental encoder has differential outputs and resolution of 1000 PPR, i.e. 4000 PPR with x4 encoder resolution multiplication.

Applications: CNC, measurement devices, inkjet printers.

Features: smooth operation, super-low noise, high precision and high reliability.


Parameter Value
Continuous torque (max) 0.35 Nm
Peak torque (stall) 2.90 Nm
No load speed 3600 ± 10% RPM
Rated speed 2900 RPM
Rotor inertia 4.73x10-5 kgm2
Winding temperature (max) 155 °C
Thermal impedance 4.98 °C/W
Weight 1.34 kg
Rated voltage 30.3 V
Rated current 3.94 A
Rated power 120 W
Torque constant 80x10-3 Nm/A
Resistance 0.90 Ω
No load current 0.45 A
Peak current (stall) 32.6 A
Resolution of incremental encoder 1000 PPR

NOTE: Shown specifications are subject to change without prior notice


Color Description
Black A+
Blue A-
Yellow B+
Green B-
Red +5 V
White GND