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• Quick inhalation therapy

• Compressor of long lifetime

• Pleasant therapy

• Easy to use

• Mains operated

• Unique nebuliser kit
  (possibility of adjusting the rate of inhalation)






PRIZJet is a high quality compressor nebuliser used for successfull treatment of asthma, bronchitis,allergies and other respiratory disorders. It has a unique nebuliser kit that that allows adjusting the rate of inhalation and the powerful compressor, thanks to which the inhalation time is short while effectively dispersing.

PURPOSE: intended for use in the home environment and medical facilities (hospitals, clinics, doctor’s office). Both, children and adults can be inhaled by the nebuliser.


- Particle size: 4 microns
- Nebulisation rate: 0.3 -0,5 ml/min
- Capacity of medication cup: 3-6 ml
- Low drug residue: 0.64 ml
- Compressor maximum pressure: 2.5 bar
- Compressor maximum air flow: 8 l/min
- Noise level: <60 dB (A)
- Operating voltage/frequency: 230 V/50 Hz
- Power consumption: 50 W
- Dimensions: 180 x 140 x 110 mm
- Weight: 1.3 kg (compressor only)

CONTENTS OF THE KIT: PRIZJet nebuliser, the power cord, air hose (length 210 cm), nebuliser kit (medication cup), adult mask, child mask, mouthpiece, air filters (5 pcs), storage and carrying case pouch and instruction manual. 

CE 1304



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