Dry Salt Aerosol Generator


multiSALT+ dry salt aerosol generator, cleaning equipment, power cord, deflector, extension tube, software and instruction manual.

MULTISALT+ Characteristics

Small indoor spaces

It is intended for continue inhalation with dry air in small areas

Dual mode of management

Touch screen & Remote control

Duration of halotherapy

From 10 - 99 min (adjustable, in 1 minute increments)

Capacity of the salt tank

Max 35 g

Salt consumption

0 - 100 g/h (adjustable)


9 programs (duration of inhalation and salt dosing)

Low power consumption

18 W; (operating voltage: 100-240 VAC, 50 - 60Hz)

Dimension and weight

225 x 403 x 222 mm; 8 kg

Material quality

Parts that come in contact with salt are made of stainless steel and plastic, which, with proper use of the device, ensures its long life

group or individual dry salt therapy

  • Continuous inhalation of horses with dry air with highly saturated salt particles
  • Can also be used in horse trailers

multiSALT+ is a compact device which generates dry aerosol fine, drug free particles, for efficient halotherapy.

Benefits of halotherapy

The use of salt for therapeutic purposes is called Halotherapy from the Greek word “halos” meaning salt. It is based on inhalation of fine salt particles. The effect of halotherapy is reflected in mucolytic, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory action. Halogenerator is a device which converts salt (sodium chloride) into a dry aerosol of fine particles. The airstream of the shredded salt particles enters in the space of the salt room. Horses are inhaled for the limited duration of time. The depth of the respiratory tract achieved by salt particles depends on their size. Infact the size and the concentration of aerosol in the air is one of the most important characteristics of halogenerator. Dry aerosol collects “bad” particles along the way through respiratory system and thus “clean” it. Salt is hygroscopic substance and therefore quickly attracts fluid, making mucus even more fluid. Diluted mucus is then removed easier by coughing. In addition, dry salt aerosol acts mucokinetic agent, therefore increases cough efficiency.

as isolated or as an additional therapy

Inhaled particles are important and helping to reduce the inflammation of the respiratory tract as well as to widen it.  They act as anti-bacterial agents because they break-down bacteria and pollutants retained in the respiratory system. Halotherapy can be done as an isolated therapy or as an additional therapy to already existing treatment of diseases in respiratory system. The treatment modality and duration depends on diagnosis and on horse status. It represents the natural way of healing and side effects are very rare.