Professional Ultrasonic Nebulizer


PROFI SONIC nebulizer (main unit), silicon inhalation hose (90 cm), mouthpiece, 3 medication cups (one already installed), adult mask, child mask, bacterial filter, power cord and instruction manual.

PROFI SONIC Characteristics

Noiseless operation

For maximum comfort during use (sound level: up to 35 dB)

Particle size

Aerosol particles are optimum in size: 0.5-5.0 μm

Capacity of medication cup

5 - 150 ml

Remaining drug

Low drug residue: 1 ml

Duration of inhalation

Duration of inhalation: 1 - 99 min (adjustable)

Nebulization rate

Aerosol generation rate: 0 - 3 ml/min (adjustable)

Air volume

Setting the air volume for maximum comfort of the patient: 0 - 20 l/min

Sound signal

Short tone when selecting commands on the display
Long tone announcing the end of the inhalation

Ultrasound frequency

Ultrasound frequency: 1.7 MHz

for a large number of patients

In All Positions

  • Wide range of medications all conventional medications can be used for inhalations
  • Capacity of medication cup: 5 - 150 ml
  • Bottle for continual supply of the drug optional
  • Intuitive to use and easy to maintain
  • 100% Silicone hose an ultra-thin silicone hose can be sterilized in an autoclave
  • For babies, children and adults

PROFI SONIC touch screen and phone*
for parameter settings

It is possible to make settings such as: nebulization rate, duration of inhalation therapy, air volume and start time. PROFI SONIC screen is readable even in the dark, thanks to the backlight.

*optional available for windows / android devices


  • Continuous supply of the drug
    Bottle for continuous drug delivery
  • Stand for the Nebulizer
    Mobile and table stand for the Nebulizer