Prizma is Limited company with a tradition of 33 years whose primary activities are production, distribution and sale of home and professional medical equipment.

Since its foundation, in 1990, Prizma has been an exclusive distributor of Omron Healthcare program for the former Yugoslavia while by the time became business partners of other companies from the healthcare field, such as: Chin Kou Medical InstrumentCo. and Apex Biotechnology Corp.

In addition to the business activities, Prizma cooperates with domestic and foreign scientific and reearch institutions, including among other Serbian Academy of Science and Arts, RWTH Aachen University, all in order to win the innovative technologies that result in PRIZnano product whose application is scientifically and technologically multiple.

The constant growth of the business has created the need for activity expansion, so in the late nineties Prizma started production of its own healthcare products with the very first in a series - a home use ultrasonic nebulizer BronhiSonic and a medical power supply unit.

Monitoring of new technologies and continual investment in research and development, enriched the production program of Prizma by serial production of the nebulizers for home and professional use, dry salt aerosol generators for salt rooms and the latest newcomer to this family - dry salt aerosol generator for small salt rooms and tents. Besides finished products, Prizma is also the manufacturer of components for medical and other products with wide range of different applications.

Production, distribution and sales system are all set in accordance with the industrial, social and environmental standards: EN ISO 13485:2016; ISO 9001:2015; ISO 14001:2015, which found its full expression in the final products whose quality is marked by CE and UL mark.