is important for Prizma

Prizma is committed to protecting the environment and performing its business in accordance with legal regulations, always trying to make one more step, wherever possible.

Implementation of the environmental management system, in accordance with the ISO 14001 standard, enabled the organization to evaluate all activities that have a negative impact on the environment and prevent it. A detailed analysis of the activities did not identify significant aspects that could affect the environment.

Our commitment

Is minimizing our environmental impact is achieved through:

  • compliance with legal requirements
  • rational consumption of natural resources
  • waste management
  • developing the awareness of all employees about the importance of personal contribution to environmental protection

We try to protect the Earth

Because our production is without exhaust gases

The biodegradable bags

By using biodegradable bags and paper from renewable forests, Prizma contributes to the reduction of pollution of nature and the preservation of forest surfaces.


Our mission

The overall process of environmental protection is rounded up by raising environmental awareness and educating employees on the importance and ways of protecting the environment.

We believe that taking care of the environment provides a better future for present and future generations.