Dry Salt Aerosol Generator


PRIZSALT+ dry salt aerosol generator, cleaning equipment, power cord, deflector, extension tube, software and instruction manual.

PRIZSALT+ Characteristics

Dual mode of management

Touch screen & Remote control

Duration of therapy

From 10 - 99 min (adjustable, in 1 minut increments)

Capacity of the salt tank

Max 150 g

Salt consumption

From 0 - 500 g/h (adjustable)

Air volume

2.3 m3/min (80 CFM/min) adjustable in 9 levels


9 programs (duration of inhalation and salt dosing)

Dosing profiles

10 time intervals

Low power consumption

55 VA; (operating voltage: 100-240 VAC, 50 - 60Hz)

Material quality

Parts that come in contact with salt are made of stainless steel and plastic, which, with proper use of the device, ensures its long life

PRIZSALT+ touch screen and phone*
for parameter setting

It is possible to make settings such as: salt consumption and dosing, air volume, start time and duration of inhalation therapy.
PRIZSALT+ screen is readable even in the dark, thanks to the backlight.