DENTALJet Oral shower

DENTALJet Oral shower

PRIZMA Oral Irrigator - Dental Shower



Dental jet oral irrigator, classic jet tips (3 pcs.), tongue cleaner tip (1 pc.), dental pocket tip (1 pc.), orthodontic tip (1 pc.), dental plaque tip (1 pc.) and instruction manual.



DENTALJet Characteristics

Removes food residues

Effectively removes food residues and bacteria between teeth, below the gum line, which cannot be done with traditional tooth brushing and flossing

Removes bacterial plaque

Removes 99.99% plaque from the treated area for 3 seconds. Direction of the liquid flow in all directions

Water tank

A tank with capacity of up to 600 ml of liquid

Fine tuning

Fine pressure tuning or jet intensity (10 levels )


There is a pause button on the handle, press it to stop the flow of liquid

Intended use

It is especially recommended for users with fixed or other prostheses, dental implants, bridges, crowns and facets, as well as other users for the daily routine of maintaining complete oral hygiene. For family home use

Tips for different applications

  • Classic Jet Tip
    360 ° complete deep cleaning of regions that are difficult to reach with brush and dental floss
  • Tongue Cleaner Tip
    Efficient cleaning of food deposits and bacteria, for fresh breath
  • Pocket Tip
    Provide massage of the gums, relieves paradontitis, gingivitis, reduces the thickness of the pocket
  • Orthodontic Tip
    A special tip for cleaning the area around the dental prosthesis
  • Dental plaque extension
    Specially designed extension for implants, dental bridges, artificial dental crowns
  • Effectively remove the bacterial plaque
  • More effective than traditional dental floss
  • Greater hygiene of dental implants and prostheses
  • Healthy gums